Friday, February 12, 2010

Autumn in February

I love autumn the best of all the seasons.  Not only is it just a delightful time of year, but the colors suit me the best.  I guess that's why I was dying to dig into my fall toned knits for this new dress.  I'm right on track for my blogging and sewing for myself more and loving every minute of it.  Here's personal garment number 2 for February

I've had this knit in stash for a few months.  It was one of those that I saw in the store and had to stop and "visit" and pet everytime thereafter that I was in.  Finally I just couldn't stand not to have it any longer and bought plenty for a dress and then some.  I had not trouble getting this dress out of it and have enough left over for a shirt.

It's such a thin fabric that lining was not really an option so much as a requirement.  I found this great dark teal knit at Joann's to line it with, which not only matches the teal in the print perfectly, but also matches the teal shoes I plan to wear with this dress.

The only downside to the teal is that it's a pretty substantial knit and so the dress weighs an awful lot for a knit dress.  The knit lining also helps keep the brown from sticking to itself, which is does something awful.  Now to decide on my next project.  Back to fighting with the vintage blouse pattern that refuses to cooperate, or onto something new and fun like another knit top?  I'll have to consult with my test group and see what they have to say about it.


  1. My! What a wunderful lookin' stool in the background!

  2. That's a pretty dress. It looks like something that would go dancing well. Nice sewing!

  3. Great dress --- love the print and the teal lining! And congrats on sticking to your 2010 goals! Your test group looks like they won't shy away from giving their opinions!