Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bootlegger's Ball

Jim and I found out today that we would be one of three display couples dancing at Bootlegger's Ball. This means not only do we get to be there in period clothes and doing period dances, we're obligated to lead by example and dance for the entirety of the band's 3 one hour sets! That's A LOT of dancing. Needless to say, hubby and I will be building endurance and dancing as much as possible between now and the 30th. We also have to figure out what we're going to wear!
If only Prohibition had been during the 30s we would have been set. No shortage of dance clothes for that era! Jim should be easy enough. He may not be spot on, but we only have 2 weeks and no money, so I cannot make him something 100% correct but I very seriously doubt any one will notice any little difference in the cut of trousers and things like that.

Unfortunately for me, we've been pretty exclusive to the late 30s and the 40s and the sillouhettes were VERY different for the 20s...a figure that I cannot even hope to accomplish on my own, so out comes my old friend the Ace wrap to squish myself into some semblence of boy-shaped girly cuteness. Not exactly my idea of a comfy night, but well worth it.

Because of the finance constrictions, I decided that while I will make a dress to wear, I will be limited to a $10 budget. I've found fabric in stash and will mostly be draping and designing the dress sans pattern. Joann's is having a pattern sale and I would really like at least something to start from, so I may be off to spend 2 of my $10 on a slip pattern. I googled and flipped through every book I own with 20s fashion (which sadly is limited) and I think this is what I want to go for...ish.
My underdress is going to be the same ivory dupioni as my wedding gown, because I have scads of it. As for rest of the dress, I don't really have the time (read patience) for lots of beading, so I decided on a floral chiffon (probably poly, but at this point I can't really afford to be picky) from stash with large roses in multiple shades of pink, which should look very nice with my mauve dance shoes.

I'm also thinking that instead of the straight hem and skirt, I may do the chiffon skirt with a hankerchief hem so that the points add a little more interest. Any opinions?

I've got the dress picture printed off so that I can trace off a line drawing and get draping. Now that I'm really thinking about it, I don't even know that I'll bother with driving all the way to Joann's for a pattern. I think I'll at least give it a go on my own. I don't have a sloper to work from yet, but I don't think I'll need one for this. I think as long as I drape onto my dressform I should be able to hack it out.


  1. I read your Jan 14th review and review you posted on McCall's site. I can't help but wonder if posting such reviews might not help build your business via the web.

  2. I'm sure it will turn out well! I think a handkerchief hem will be perfect, especially for dancing.