Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Resolutions...2 weeks late

While everyone else was busy blogging about their New Year's resolutions or the fact that they don't believe in doing such things, I was wondering if I had ever bothered. I have, in fact, been wondering about this for all 12 days of this month and finally realized that without calling them "resolutions" I have been making them for the same 12 days past. So without further ado, here they are, better late than never

1. Sewing something for myself or my home at least every 2 months. Surely I can manage a mere 6 items per year, yes? I sew all day, almost every day and only ever make something for myself in a pinch (like the week before my show at the Frazier).

2. Pay off all of our debt. Not very interesting, I know, but very important. As far as the average American household goes, our outstanding debt is the size of an unpaid parking ticket. It's minimal and rather pathetic when compared to people with mortgages, car loans, credit cards and student loans, which I'm totally ok with, but it still needs dealing with. In fact, I wrote and mailed the first check today (pardon while I pat myself on the back a little more about this one)

3. TRY to keep up with the dishes. There are only two of us, is it really that hard?!

4. Be better about scheduling work so I'm not piddling around on the internet all week and then racing to get a million things done on Friday when I'd rather be cleaning up for the weekend.

5. Become a better blogger. This one I find very important. I follow a ton of blogs and find many of them to be very fun and incredibly inspirational (see resolution #1). I would like to get better not only about posting regularly but also figure out how to do more with Blogger. That is, if I can get over my hate for it. The other day I had every intention of writing what I felt to be a very good and interesting blog entry about a skirt for a friend and never got it posted. I got it written...4 times. And Blogger deleted it EVERY FREAKIN TIME, but only when I had quite a lengthy entry and was in the process of typing the last sentence or two. Poof! All that hard work, gone >:(

If any of you out there in Blogland have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them. I also need to see about reformatting my blogger page so it's a little more me and has things were I want them...definately going to need a learning curve on this one

6. Expand my business. I had a fantastic first year of business, considering that I didn't try too hard to expand, was planning a wedding and making the gown, and doing lots of travelling. And let's not forget that going into this, I had no idea whatsoever about starting or running my own business. It's been a struggle at times, but I've never been happier and I have high hopes for year 2.

7. Seek out and attend more classes for sewing. We'll see how much this gets to actually happen because of the whole saving for a house thing, but in the very least I hope to make it PatternReview Weekend Philly if only to meet the wonderful, helpful and inspiring women who keep me company and help me out on PR as well as those whose blogs I follow.

8. My final (for now) and definately favorite: Have friends over for dinner at least one couple per week or two. Since Jim and I are working hard to get rid of our debt so that we can buy a house this year, we have stopped going out to eat. We used to spend a ridiculous amount of money going out to eat multiple times a week so that we could see our friends. Now, I love to have people over, cook, entertain and play games at home with friends, so why is it that we only seem to get together with friends when it means going out and spending money? This must be solved, and we're doing quite well with it for only working on it for 2 weeks. :)

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