Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alright, it had to happen eventually. I've FINALLY got a few seconds to spare to get up some of the long ago promised pictures from my wedding. I mean, really? It's not like we've been married for two months already and I'm just getting them up...oh wait...that's exactly how it is. So without further ado:

A glimpse at the atmosphere for the ceremony, my aunt and uncle's rustic barn
(and by rustic, I mean we weren't entirely sure that it wasn't going to come down in the middle of the ceremony...imagine the pictures that could have produced!)One of our darling ring bearers, Nathan

One of my beautiful bridesmaids, Elizabeth. I love my family!

My darling, himself. Anxiously awaiting my debut

Our exit as the happy couple

Full album of wedding pictures (at least the ones I'm not making weird faces in) http://picasaweb.google.com/CisaBarry/Wedding#5410488766484107378
Rehearsal, Reception and Honeymoon pictures to come, whenever I find another million hours to sit and go through them

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  1. oooooh. Your dress is scrumptious. What an undertaking. Just lovely.