Monday, October 26, 2009

Is this super dorky?

So. Week before last, my friend Basile helped me convert this desk (Hubby and I got for free a few months back) into a brand spankin' new ironing table. Much better than your regular old ironing board. Now I just have to wait for my father and husband to agree upon the best way to raise the table the requisite 12 or so inches to make it waist hight on me. Only men could make this complicated...

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm just accepting a bit of back strain while I lean over to use the table as is. The top is padded with 3 layers of cotton batting purchased from Joann's and then covered with a tight layer of cotton duck that I had laying around, because doesn't everyone have yardage of cotton duck just hanging around the house?

I quickly made 3 discoveries about this table.

2. Westport, my ever helpful feline, LOVES IT!
3. The cotton duck LOVES Wesport's fur and will not give it up.

#2 is a problem because it leads to #3, which leads to lint rollering the table EVERY time I need to iron (which is about every 15 minutes) and takes a minimum of 3 lint roller sheets each and every time.

Solution, you ask? Well, remember how I mentioned something about men making things complicated...Yes, well, I could have just started tossing a sheet or something over the table when I wasn't using it and let Westport lounge and bathe on that. But that was no fun, and far to simple. Instead, I romped on over to Hancock (in my new car :) !) and searched through the on sale fleece until I found something darling, yet manly for my little man cat.

So, you'll be putting a piece of fleece over the table, you ask? Also too simple. I had to purchase coordinating Rick Rack to trim Westport's new blankie in. When I got home and opened up the fleece to measure it out, I decided that one layer was just not luxurious enough for my little darling, so without further ado, here is Westport's new throne. Two layers of uber soft fleece trimmed in navy jumbo Rick Rack. Not gonna lie, I now feel obligated to make something equally adorable for Riley, lest he feel left out...because this enormous pillow that is his bed clearly isn't good enough!


  1. I do not complicate things. I simply offer alternative spatial implementations.

  2. You are a rockin' sewin' kitty mama! Your ironing table and it's mini bed look great!