Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've been doing all the prep for on my dress for weeks now, getting the mockup done, cutting the lace, cutting the interlining, etc. Basically everything BUT cutting the actual silk. Today Jim is out of the house for hours, so I figured it's now or never. I cleared the coffee table and other easily moved objects from the living room so I would actually have enough space to lay out the skirt pieces (which are enormous).

I never saw this coming. This does not happen to me. FABRIC PARALYSIS!

The minute I laid the fabric out my heart started to race. I stared at it, I touched it, I laid the pattern on it....repeat

I couldn't just sit there and stare at the fabric on the living room all night, especially since Riley is being so very well behaved and keeping his little doggy paws to himself and observing from afar.

Called Mommy for moral support. She gets fabric paralysis about cutting any fabric, so she knew exactly why I was freaking out. She calmed me down and talked to me about what a good man Jim is and how she truly feels that he's going to make a wonderful husband for me and that everything will turn out perfectly. End result: 30 minutes on the phone with Mom and two skirt pieces cut out. Heart still racing, but feeling pretty good about the whole thing now. Moms are the best

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