Monday, April 13, 2009

Must become motivated!

I have been such a sloucher lately. I have work, I just can't find the desire to get up and do it. Also, please note: 5 months until wedding....MUST START DRESS!

On a more productive note, Debbie's new wrap dress is coming along very well. I'm still trying to decide if I want to bind the back edge of the overskirt in the melon to match the tie and covered buttons. It doesn't get sewn up, but just gets wrapped at the waist and then the skirting lies kind of open over the toosh like an apron. Since the sash and the covered buttons at the shoulders are in the melon fabric, I think it would be an interesting detail to have the vertical edges of the apron in the melon as well.

It's not as finished as it looks but it's getting there. For the pictures I just pinned the front skirting onto the dressform and tied the sash over the top.

Sadly my little dressform doesn't quite have enough badonkadonk to fill out this dress. This is the back section of the dress. Apparently all that holds the front and back together are the two little buttons on the shoulders. Other than that, each layer just ties around the waist and hangs out.

Cute as Debbie's dress is, I had to haul out my store-bought dressform that doesn't even come close to fitting me.

That being said, poor little Hazel (as I have decided to call her) had to relinquish her stand and take a little rest on the work table while I was taking photos

My sweet little herb pot seems to be doing quite well too!

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