Monday, December 7, 2009

Bruises, Dropping Death and Stocking

Nothing much extra exciting of note today except....IT SNOWED! Let's just ignore the fact that it was a rather pitiful showing and was melted by 10 in the morning. I got snow :)

And after tomorrow night, I will finally have my life back. Cause for much celebration if you ask me. For the last 12 or so weeks, 5 friends and I have been choreographing, practicing and suffering through preparations for a show at the Frazier Museum tomorrow evening. The museum has a WWII exhibit up right now and as a fun event for the public, they invited us to do a performance and give a lecture about the music and dance of the era and their influence on each other as well as their influence on the war and the war on the. It should be a rather awesome event, I'm just awfully ready for it to be done. We've only had one group practice a week and my partner and I have occasionally gotten together on the odd weekend to work on our solo but this week we've really ramped it up to try and pull this thing together. The idea is that it would include some fun group work as well as a solo for each couple. Now, let's complicate things shall we?

Jeep Jockey Jump is the song. Only 2:26 minutes long, not bad eh? 205 bpm (beats per minutes for you none musical folk) ups the ante just a hint.

Only 12 weeks to choreograph and rehearse...8 or so of which weeks one couple were never there. This makes things like spacing, group timing and transistions rather tricky.

Air-steps! I have never done anything more comlicated than a frog jump, which is essentially just a fancy assisted jump straight up and right back down. I now know how to do the following:

Helicopter, Hacksaw, Snatch, Double Throw Out with Frog Jumps, and *drumroll* the Death Drop.


Did I mention how fast this thing is? But it'll all be over after tomorrow night and my body will be able to begin the healing process. I have rug burn and stippling bruises on my forearms and more bruises than I can count. It's an awesome dance :) The things we do for our loves

I was unable the whole outfit I had planned ready, but I did at least get the skirt done, which I LOVE. I wore it for the first time tonight at our dress rehearsal and it was perfect. It's this yummy chocolate brown crepe and is just right for this skirt. I used Simplicity 3688, which can be found here: Lo and behold the thing fit straight out of the envelope with no changes needed! Sadly, I don't think I'll have that same luck with the blouse in that envelope, though a girl can hope.

The only other thing I've accomplish this week was to get stockings made for Riley and Westport last night while watching Dakota Fanning scream her head off and Tom Cruise run wildly through fields of blood and entrails...Yay War of the Worlds

So Freakin Cute if I do say so myself.


  1. So, where's the picture of the kitteh's Xmas stocking, hmmmm?

  2. I love your stocking! I need to make one for our little Simon (the cat) this weekend! I hope your performance went well!