Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Progress, finally!

One of the few friends I have here who knows anything about sewing came over this evening and brought another of our friends along with her to add to the collective creativeness and enthusiam for (drumroll please) A FITTING!
My wedding dress mockup, in this particular stage, is not nearly as nice looking as some of the others that I've seen around on PR as well as blogs. I've got an underbodice made out of old bedsheet, an over bodice made out of hot pink tulle (that was formerly a loofah costume for a friend) and the skirt from my aunt's wedding dress after I completely dismantled it. It's a work in progress!

This is what we've got so far. It will eventually be that wonderful lace off the shoulder look that I'm going for, but for now...

I do think I've finally figured out what I want to do with the skirt though. My inspiration gown has all these tucks and different fabrics and things, and I'm just not that interested. Besides, with the incredible texture that my silk has, I don't want to much going on. This is what we came up with. We've got a really nice, soft inverted pleat in the front, giving kind of that princess look. Smooth around the sides (where I definately don't need any extra) and then pleated in the back to make it look like I've actually got a toosh. Don't forget the huge train...that was a must in my opinion

There are plenty of alterations to make, but it's still progress. This is the first time I've had something even resembling a dress and not just the "bedsheet strapped to torso" look.

The back is going to V down so that the underbodice is just below bra band level and the over bodice will arch down in a slightly steeper angle (to give that wonderful slimming illusion) and that way I can close the dress up to the top edge of the underbodice with a zipper (lapped, I think, and then covered buttons over the top) and then the lace over bodice above that will be closed with just covered buttons. I really like that idea. I'll be covered yet still get to show a little skin...through lace.

Whatdya think?

As I write this, my dear, sweet Jim is toiling away over his new toy. Since he is now banned from the sewing room and will lose me for most evenings over the next few months, he's started painting and assembling his very first model car. He's pretty excited about it and I'm thrilled that he's got something to occupy him while I sew my life away.

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